California Metal LP 1985
Label: Erika Records #: ER-1061 Country: USA
Info: Not to be confused with the 2 White Metal-comps on Regency Records bearing the same name, though not that much better I'm afraid. Gatefold sleeve w/ band pics & info.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. GALVADON - Rebel Without A Cause
  Fistbangin' type A NWOAHM like some leftovers off Shrapnel's "US Metal" comp series.
2. THE WHIRLD - We've Only Got One World
  Pop-wave with zero HR/HM content - w-t-eff??
3. PLEAZER - Don't Push Me
  Cocky, Dio-on-meth vocals on top of a too repetitive lead riff. Heavier than sleeze, weaker than Power...
4. ENTITY - Forever Changeing
  Almost new-wave-like mainstream hard/soft rock.
5. Mark Francovich - Midnight Cruiser
  Take a look at the picture in the gatefold sleeve and tell me if you get your hopes up or not? Weird and yet again kinda wavey, this is actually one of the best songs on the album. Dark & brooding Hard Rock with hardly any radio-dj semen in its corner of the mouth at all.

Side B:
1. NEON BLITZ - Wicked Women
  Well thank doG for finally delivering some heaviness, even if it's only Wild Dogs-like headbanging stock.
2. JESTER - Follower
  More solid but uneventful Heavy stuffs. Some good Powerful riffing & high wailing vocals should satisfy the die-hard US Metal connoisseurs.
3. AMETHYST - Look On Your Face
  No, obviously not those Amethyst's - this is Cali' remember? Close-to-catchy but weirdly tuned hardrockmetal
4. ENFORCER - Burning Whiskey
  Crunchy & heavy stuff that almost remind me of their Chicago namesakes, but this is much more rooted in the heavy rock tradition. The semi-doomy chorus makes them sound like Cleveland's Mistreater.
5. MAD RACKET - Livin' On The Edge
  Back to harmless 'street metal' anonymity.
6. JEKYLL & HYDE - City Of Sin
  Ratt-style streetwise HR/Sleeze metal.
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