California Metal Volume II LP 1988
Label: Regency Records #: 790-082-1929 Country: USA
Info: The 2nd installment of "saved", mainstream Metalheads from the state of California. Also released on CD w/ 1 bonus track (RECON - "Dreams").

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. VISION - Runaway
  Very slick, well-produced mainstream Metal/HR with subtle keys that will probably only appeal to more "adventurous" aor fans.
2. EMERALD - Traitor
  Yes, it's the "Armed For Battle" MLP guys. Solid US Metal very similar to the likes of Glacier, Gargoyle etc...
3. RECON - Light The Fire
  High falsetto-vox a la Geoff Tate upon run-of-the-mill melodic US Metal. Later featured on at least two CD reissues of their LP.
4. SOLDIER - Borderline
  More well-produced & well-performed yet utterly bland melodic Hard Rock.
5. JUDEA - Heart Of Stone
  Pretty decent, vocal-based, slow Metal-light. It just sounds so ridiculously Xian...

Side B:
1. MASTEDON - Get Up
  Horribly commercial & mellow Metalrock, though with half-decent, 80's Kiss-style riffing.
2. RANSOM - Sin Killer
  Sounds like a female vocalist, and the music is not too far off from Hellion-territory. Goodish.
3. EMERALD - Born To Die
  Heavy hard rock riffs unlightening up the atmosphere of this lame-ass album.
4. JUDEA - Knock
  Keyboard-oriented "hard" rock a la Survivor.
5. SOLDIER - Tears
  Mellow rock/aor filth.
6. RECON - Dreams [CD bonus track]
  Wimpy HR like Queensryche buttraped by Dokken. Later featured on at least two CD reissues of their LP.
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