Brigada Metalica LP 1989
Label: Orfeo #: 90 967-1 Country: Uruguay
Info: Metal of all sorts & flavours. 1 out of only 4 known 80's Metal LPs from this country. Fold-out 1-sided insert with line-up info.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ALVACAST - La Hora Del Ataque
  One of South America's finest Metal Treasures for sure. A latino Jag Panzer?
2. MACBETH - Utopía
  Slow, cool & darkened Hard Rock with female vocals.
3. GRAF SPEE - Eunucos
  Surprisingly, this Spanish version of the song is a slightly less chaotic and better sounding version than the one on their LP. Still insane & brutal Death Metal mayhem all the way of curse.
4. SADICA - Rompe Las Leyes
  More punky Crossover/Thrash than Speed Metal I guess..
5. PADDOK - Hora Mortal
  Horribly out-of-tune solo guitars aside a rather charming, very typical SoAm piece of Garage-Metal

Side B:
1. ALVACAST - Donde La Tierra Se Termina
  Magnificent Power/Heavy Metal of international class. This and their 1st offering are both different from the "Inocente.." LP versions.
2. PADDOK - Apocalipsis
  Cool, rocking SoAm HM in the vein of Kraken, Alta Tensao, Khafra etc..
3. SADICA - Mi Testamento
  More of a Metal-feel to this one, and a better tune than their A side piece. Still quite simple Speed/Crossover.
4. MACBETH - Madelon
  Sorry, but "amateurish charms" just doesn't work the way they usually do when you're churning out mellow mainstream hard rock stock of this ilk.
5. GRAF SPEE - Reencarnación
  Unique Doom-Death on a Lovecraftian level of twistedness! The relative cleanliness of this version actually accentuates their weirdness and makes you wish they'd recorded the whole LP in this session.
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