Break Out LP 1988
Label: Rockport Records #: LP 57225422 AG Country: Germany
Info: Subtitled "Hard 'N' Heavy Nachwuchswettbewerb". No relation to the "Break Out" compilation-series on D&S Records. Includes a ballot card where you could vote for your fave featured band. The favourite was supposed to recieve a record deal from the label, but I can't say I've ever seen an album by any of these bands, so it might never have happened. Corrections are welcomed.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BOOTLEG - Love Is A Drug
  Semi-sleazy Hard Rock with an AC/DC groove.
2. BOOSTER - Heaven And Hell
  Similar but a bit more competent and heavier HR. Had 2 medium-rare LPs out prior to this, on which they sang in German.
3. ALLEY CAT - Gonna Break Your Heart
  Commercial but decent HR with a catchy "Living After Midnight"-flair to it.
4. SEVEN WISHES - Carry On
  aor/radio-friendly HR.
5. CHARISMA - X-Ray Eyes
  Sounds like Helix but with more lipstick. Silly but endurable. The only non-German band here, these guys being from Switzerland.

Side B:
1. UNITED FORCES - Killer In Disguise
  Homey mid-pace Thrash picking cherries from either Metallica, Megadeth or Exodus. Same band as featured on the German Metal Fighters no. 2 comp LP from the same year.
2. SEVEN X - Out Of Control
  Yum-yummy, uptempo Metal-fast-food with low nutritious value. The kind that often gets compared to Judas Priest without really sounding like them. By far the album's standout track, identity-crisis aside.
3. PRISONER - Don't Think That's All
  Plain & simple Heavy Metal. Thanx to the length of the song they do manage to squeeze in an interesting riff or 2.
4. DARLING - It's Not Love
  Base Hard Rock in the same anonymous cathegory as the A-side contenders, but worse.
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