Break Out - German Metal Tracks No. 5 LP 1987
Label: D & S Recording #: WK30.770 Country: Germany
Info: Hardly the best but possibly the rarest D&S release and one of the hardest to find German compilations. The last volume in the German Metal Tracks-series.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BLOODY CLIMAX - Run For Cover
  Standardized anthemic powerchord-HR similar to their countrymen Sinner.
2. LANCER - Take Your Love
  Melodic keyboard-HR bordering on aor.
3. MIDAS TOUCH - Shout
  In the lower league of Germany's many thousand Accept-worshippers ("Metal Heart"-era). And the vocals are quite awful.
4. MEANSTREAK - Lovehunter
  2nd rate melodic Hard Rock in a tired tempo.
5. FLYING SKULL - Lonesome Child
  Another band attempting the anthemic/epic Hard Rock-style. They speed up into Metal-territory somewhere in the middle though.

Side B:
1. FLYING SKULL - Race To Hell
  Waaay better... Uptempo Metal with a NWOBHM-touch and good (although sloppy) riffing reminding me of Brainfever.
2. MEANSTREAK - Remember My Name
  Saccharine, piano-infested semiballad.
3. MIDAS TOUCH - Time To Die
  Had the vocals not suck and the rhythmsection been sober I guess this would've been OK type-A German Metal.
4. LANCER - Rock To The Shock
  Sort of sound like its title, only a bit more lightweight with the keys and all..
5. BLOODY CLIMAX - Ride With The Wind
  Definitely on the cool & charming side of amateurish, this is a really nice ending by way of catchy melodic Metal with a great tempo.
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