Break Out: German Metal Tracks No. 2 LP 1986
Label: D&S Recording #: WK 30.671 Country: Germany
Info: Includes Ravage sticker.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ADVICE - No Way Out
  Good but typical German metal with very gruff vocals, sort of like a more melodic TYRANT (GER).
2. ARKHAM - Die Young
  Decent but unmemorable ACCEPT-like metal.
3. NECRONOMICON - Possessed By Evil
  Comparisons to DESTRUCTION are apt, but on this song I find they more closely resemble early SODOM. I can't help but think of Obsessed by Cruelty when I hear the chorus. Different to LP version.
4. RAVAGE - Coming Alive
  Great raw power metal, similar to the old Gama bands like GRAVESTONE or early STORMWITCH. Rerecorded for their self-titled CD.
5. STAINED CLASS - Recovery
  Similar style as RAVAGE or even DARK AVENGER from the Death Metal compilation.

Side B:
1. STAINED CLASS - Back For More
  Another excellent track.
2. RAVAGE - Ravage
  I get the impression that RAVAGE wanted their theme song to be a sampler of what the band is about. It starts off slow and traditional before speeding up. Then, after a melodic, HELLOWEEN-like middle piece, you hear some keyboards and it finishes with a brief solo from each member.
3. NECRONOMICON - Blind Destruction
  This track sounds more like DESTRUTION, especially with the Schmier like vocals. Different to LP version.
4. ARKHAM - Metal Or Chains
  The fist-pounding chorus makes this quite an improvement over Die Young.
5. ADVICE - Children Of The Dark
  Another good song, but it sounds a little too close to their other track on this album. Also on their Persuer EP. I believe that they are different versions since Persuer was not released until 6 years later.
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