Break Out: German Metal Tracks No. 1 LP 1985
Label: D&S Recording #: WK 30.616 Country: Germany
Info: First in a series of compilations from D&S Recording. Not to be confused with another German compilation called Break Out that was released in 1988 on Rockport.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. NOT FRAGILE - Too Fast
  Their first release, from before they decided to really sound like HELLOWEEN (though there are similarities). The sound is very raw, like most of this album.
2. SATAN'S PHARYNX - Necropolis
  Sounds like early SATAN (with Trev Robinson on vocals) running on one less cylinder. Very good, but the singer has trouble with those high notes.
3. GLACIAL SUN - Big Feelings
  Sounds like a bad DRAGSTER song being sung with a heavy German accent.
4. CHIOLUTION - Jaws Of Death
  Early RUNNING WILD style metal with some of the most un-metal vocals I've ever heard (in a metal band). The singer almost sounds like Claudio Sanchez from COHEED AND CAMBRIA. It's crazy, but I like it.
5. BREATHLESS - Duell Of Wizzards
  Amateur NWOBHM-meets-German metal with a 70s epic feel. One of my favorites from this album.
6. VENGEANCE - Hellfire
  Typical German metal, sort of like GRAVESTONE with softer vocals. Not the same VENGEANCE that appeared on the Heavy Metal Sampler compilation.

Side B:
1. VENGEANCE - Metal In Your Veins
  More of the same. Really nothing special.
2. BREATHLESS - Back From The Attack
  A step down from their last song, being more of a generic ACCEPT styled track. BREATHLESS would appear again on the third compilation in this series before changing their name to GLORY ANTHEM.
3. CHIOLUTION - Moving Circle
  Another great song, this time with more of an epic feel. The vocals also make a bit more sense now with some Mille Petrozza-like screams mixed in. Unfortunately, the song ends abruptly leaving it feeling unfinished.
4. GLACIAL SUN - Burning Love
  GLACIAL SUN's second offering is still bad, but this time it has a bit of charm. Parts of it actually remind me a lot of early WITCHFYNDE, especially the harmonies.
5. SATAN'S PHARYNX - Rock 'n' Roll
  Is this the same band? Unlike their other song, this is basic hard rock. However, they do manage to make it sound heavy (almost as though it were a cover).
6. NOT FRAGILE - Hard To Be Alive
  Sounds like something straight off of Walls of Jericho (though Torsten Buczko's vocals are still rough and uncontrolled and don't really sound like Kai Hansen's yet). Great song but, as with Too Fast, quite inferior to the rerecorded version.
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