Bound LP 1981
Label: Stichting Eternal Rock #: RCS 488 Country: Holland
Info: Christian rock & pop cellar-bands from all over the Netherlands, compiled by the christian Eternal Rock Association. The kind of homely but charming album I'd put on any time over crap like Whitecross or Stryper. Includes 2-sided insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PROPAGATION - Grieve The Lord No More
  Semi-hard/classic rock.
2. PHOTOS - Krusifixion
  Nice folksy/epic prog.
3. WAKE UP - Wake Up (Daylight)
  Irresistably catchy pop-rock with buckets of cool.
4. HINT - Jesus On My Mind
  Hauntingly gentle Jesus-love ballad.
5. COURAGE - Wij Kunnen Terug
  Funky pop-rock.
6. NEW DESTINATION - Hey, Good Morning
  Jefferson Airplane-style 60's pop-rock.
7. PILLAR OF FIRE - World Is At War
  The racist 1-song-only-for-the-Metal-band practice is so common I nowdays use it as a spotter for Likely Metal Content when hunting these obscurities. Prejudice proved right once again and this time we're presented with late 70's Sabbath/early Ozzy-style Hard & Heavy Rock with a punky, home-made chorus.

Side B:
1. HINT - The Battle Of The Lord
  The roots of Lordian Guard has finally been found, hidden in an olde Dutch garage folk-rock band! A simply stunning only-on-a-d.i.y.-comp moment.
2. PHOTOS - God Vergeten Blues
  Opens like an old Steeleye Span-anthem but later turns into mellow pop-rock w/ wiggly keys.
3. PROPAGATION - I Need You Jesus
  Rock ballad.
4. NEW DESTINATION - Questions
  Pop-rock w/ a 60's hippie-vibe.
5. COURAGE - Jantje Pieterse
  Mellow evangelical pop.
6. WAKE UP - Ready To Believe
  Happy Jesus-pop w/ a Beatles twist.
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