Boston Rock & Roll Anthology Volume #5 LP 1985
Label: Varulven #: VAR 8D Country: USA
Info: One of 20 volumes, most of which include some form of hard rock or metal.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  Exceedingly simple hard rock.
2. FREE WILL - Only Know So Much
  Fairly enjoyable blend of powerpop and glam.
3. DOMAIN - Sons Of The Sun
  Keyboard laden URIAH HEEP influenced power metal that is really good but doesn't quite live up to the haunting introduction. Presumably a different version to the LP they released 2 years later.
4. L.J. KRAIN - No Reason To Cry
  Art rock with a nice heavy chorus.
5. THE STORES - Rock & Roll American Dream
  Retro rock 'n' roll.

Side B:
1. BRUCE MARSHALL & THE CLUE - Special Delivery
  Awful pop/rock.
2. RON SCARLETT - Slave Trader
  Alternative rock.
3. VIPER - I'm In Love With Your Pants
  Post-punk with a rockabilly chorus.
4. POSITIVE AFFECT - Patricia, Patricia
  Alternative rock.
5. DIMENSION TEN - A Million Miles A Minute
  As usual, the label owner takes advantage of his position to promote his own band.
6. DIMENSION TEN - The Midnight Sun
  In this case, with a pair of harmless new wave/powerpop numbers.
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