Born To Metalize LP 1984
Label: Megaforce Records #: MRI 669 Country: USA
Info: By far the ugliest early Megaforce-release, but probably the one with the most obscure content. Innersleeve with lyrics and Megaforce discog.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. Intro: One Night In Old Bridge
  Metal-pepspeech-over-thunder-soundeffects intro.
2. THE BEAST - Randall Flagg
  Good, driving HR verses topped by a powerfull, clenched-fist chorus.
3. THE BEAST - Is This Life
  Just awesome & crushing Epic HM on horseback which also reminds me of English Dogs at their most Power Metal moments.
4. THE BEAST - The Shape
  More of a Horror Metal/M Fate feel to this one. Different to the "Power Metal" EP version.
5. SNEAK ATTACK - Ultrasonic Metal
  The vocalist sound like a deadringer for Bobby Blitz here and I can't help thinking of them as a slower, more quirky Overkill.
6. SNEAK ATTACK - Dirty Harry (The Enforcer)
  Great, stomping Metal wearing Rob Halford's boots of lead.
7. SNEAK ATTACK - Sneak Attack
  Another J Priest-tribute, like a "Killing Machine" filler.

Side B:
1. TORTURED DOG - Can't Run From Evil
  Sounds quite European/German, like a poor mans Accept or all those GAMA-bands. Not too bad.
2. TORTURED DOG - Witch Hunter
  Stock riffing but it has a nice tempo, like taking a really fast Thrash song and playing it at half-speed.
3. TORTURED DOG - Tortured Dog
  Just a bland mix of the 2 previous songs I'm afraid.
4. HADES - Rogues March
  Flawless pioneer-Metal demanding your worship.
5. HADES - Gloomy Sunday
  Oldest US Epicness and truly a forgotten gem of the genre. Later featured on the "1982-2002" compilation CD from 2002.
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