Best Of German Metal Newcomer MLP 1990
Label: D&S Recording #: DS-017 Country: Germany
Info: Promo only limited to 200 copies on red vinyl

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MISFIT - Red Shoes
  Melodic metal. This one is a ballad and unfortunately a bit on the glammy side.
2. MISFIT - Find a Way
  The more metal of MISFIT's 2 tracks, with a great catchy chorus. Reminds me of ODIN (US).
3. GAMBIT - Succes
  A more typical German metal sound, but with some inoffensive keyboards. Not bad.

Side B:
1. TEMPEST - Get Your Motivation
  Outstanding metal with a unique sound. Best way to describe it is what would have happened if metal took a different, more progressive evolutionary path from the NWOBHM.
2. TEMPEST - Two Sides of War
  Another great song. Both are in a similar style to their End of a Dream 12".
3. LIZZARD - Into Void
  A nice fist pumping metal song but with some oddly whiny vocals.
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