Beach Balls: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP 1988
Label: Phoenix #: 72401 Country: USA
Info: Beach Balls was a cheesy beach movie centered around a fictional band called Severed Heads In A Bag who were actually DR. STARR. All of the bands on the soundtrack (most of which had nothing to do with the movie) are from L.A.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HANS NAUGHTY - Say Hey Hey
  No frills American hard rock.
2. PUSS 'N BOOTS - Let's Burn
  Punky hard rock with tough female vocals. Quite good except for that incessant piano.
3. DR. STARR - Time To Rock
  A bit of MOTLEY CRUE but a little too much WARRANT.
  From out of nowhere comes this speedy power metal number. Nothing spectacular, but it sure stands out from this crowd.
5. BLACK MONDAY - Burnin'
  Keyboard driven AOR instrumental.

Side B:
1. CASTLE BLAK - Don't Tell Me 'Bout Your Boyfriend
  Poppy glam.
2. MOX NIX - Scream For Mercy
  Decent US metal that is fairly sleazy but with a PRONG-like chorus.
3. HANS NAUGHTY - Paint The Town Red
  A good deal heavier than their other song on here, but still with a sleaze edge.
4. DR. STARR - Passion Fix
  MOTLEY CRUE style glam that is quite catchy. Too bad about those keyboards in the chorus.
5. STRUT - Party Town
  Glam/sleaze with high pitched vocals.
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