Battle Of Metal LP 1984
Label: SMS #: SP25-5044 Country: Japan
Info: All Japanese bands. Comes with obi strip and booklet. (font w/out obi)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MARINO - Impact
  Off to a nice start with this IRON MAIDEN-like anthem.
2. MARINO - High Flying
  More of a VAN HALEN/SCORPIONS sound here.
3. MARINO - Shake Down
  Fast-paced early TWISTED SISTER style song. Reissued on Complete Best! CD.
4. SEXUAL - Rock Tonight
  Weakest band on here, and the least metal. More of a SPIDER or AC/DC type of thing.
5. SEXUAL - Whisky Roller
  Rather inept hard rock.

Side B:
1. RAJAS - Angel
  One half EARTHSHAKER, one half power metal.
2. RAJAS - Shock!
  Great power metal with high vocals. Reissued on Complete Best! CD.
3. RAJAS - Take My Heart
  SCORPIONS like power ballad.
4. HURRY SCUARY - Rock'N Roll Paradise
  Cheesy feel good party metal.
5. HURRY SCUARY - It's Just A Radio
  Their second track is heavier, almost power metal with a great chorus that will glue itself to your brain.
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