At The Foot Of Brutality LP 1989
Label: Avanzada Metalica #: AM 16 Country: Mexico
Info: Demo-acts from the US Mid-West, all produced by Eric "Griffy" Grief who apparently co-opted this release with the Mexican label Avanzada Metalica. A highly underrated US SpeedPowerThrash comp well worth the hunt imho. Printed innersleeve with lyrics and info.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MASADA - Lone Survivor
  Fast/heavy/ballsy Thrash a la WHIPLASH or DESTRUCTOR.
2. DISORDER - Warmonger
  No resemblance to their UK namesakes thank doG, this sounds like King Diamond (both vocals- & songstructure-wise) meets the better end of classy, late 80's US PowerThrash.
3. NECROMANCY - Drowning In Mid Air
  Gritty, hectic Speeeeed-Thrashers with cool breaks & rhythms and a neato crossover-vibe as well, bringing such diverse bands as AFTERMATH(Chi), INCUBUS(Georgia) and JUGGERNAUT to mind.
4. FIRING SQUAD - Here Comes The Law
  Classic US Metal time! Heavy & powerful Steel in the vein of SHOK PARIS and VICIOUS RUMORS.
5. NUM SKULL - The End/Ritually Abused
  Ironically both the most primitive featured act as well as the only band on this LP that reached the album-stage. Still, it's solid raw Thrash like your NRR/Wild Rags-rooster noisemakers of choice.

Side B:
1. MASADA - Til Death Do Us Part
  Heartwrenchingly good'n'nasty SpeedThrash just like everyone's faves RIGOR MORTIS, WHIPLASH, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH etc..
2. DISORDER - Ending Is Near
  The KD-worship continues, here in a grander Epic US Power Metal-fashion. Also reminds me of kulty obscurities like TYRANT'S REIGN, HEATHEN'S RAGE and SOLAR EAGLE.
3. NECROMANCY - Manic Solitude
4. FIRING SQUAD - Bring The Hammer Down
  A good reminder of why we all love that Classic US Steel so bloody much. F.S. = CHASTAIN at his heaviest w/ ENFORCER(Chi) guitars.
5. NUM SKULL- Death And Innocence
  Ultra-fast deathlike Thrash-sickness like DARK ANGEL meets MORBID SAINT.
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