Attack From Downunda LP 1986
Label: Reciever Records #: RRLP103 Country: England
Info: 7 New Zealand bands tied to Jayrem Records, compiled by a UK label. All tracks except the Strikemaster songs can be found on the bands' releases on Jayrem, though these records are pending between rare and horrendously rare.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KNIGHTSHADE - Blood And Money
  Productionwise a bit too 80's for its own good, but musically it's good'n'solid Metalrock a la Malice and the likes.
2. CONFESSOR - No Peace For The Wicked
  Crunchy & raw Metal w/ mouthfulls of bile. Not at as good as Killen or Inner Sanctum but from the same neighborhood.
3. STRIKEMASTER - So Many Faces
  The keys sound like wimped out D Purple but there's some good NWOBHM-sounding guitars and a neat, upbeat tempo.
4. STROMBRINGER - Bridgecrusher
  Sounds like really mean & evil NWOBHM '80-82 mixed up with US oscurities like The Mezmerist or Mistreater (Ohio).
5. TOKYO - Lonely Hearts
  A more than decent semiballad-turning-hardrocker, mostly thanx to the heavier 70's vibes.

Side B:
1. STRIKEMASTER - Your Time Has Come
  A morose, pounding gem of Metal. Think a heavier, more epic Demon.
2. KNIGHTSHADE - Free Love
  A good enough, catchy rocker in the more commercial vein of 80's J Priest.
3. STONEHENGE - Warlords
  Slow, stomping Metal with slightly constipated, Dan Beehler-like screaming vox.
4. STORMBRINGER - Self Destruct
  Boogie-rocker substandard, in one ear and out doGknowswhere...
5. BLITZ - Key To Your Heart
  Melodic, rather radio-friendly Hard Rock but still not completely unlistenable.
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