A Taste Of Armageddon LP 1989
Label: Master #: BBSLP 003 Country: UK
Info: All UK demo acts, mostly of the Thrash-kind. Compiled & produced by Buster Bloodvessel of BAD MANNERS (!?).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TREASON - Path Of No Return
  Good, energic midpace Thrash. Generic as hell but enjoyable.
2. DEVIANT - The Slayer
  Classy, riff-oriented PowerThrash you'd usually hear coming from the other side of the atlantic.
3. SNYPER - Death Rite At Sunset
  One of the UK's best kept Thrash-secrets. Grunting & mean Thrash that may not have been the tightest ever, but they still managed to be both catchy and original. Go-Go-Gadget-Vinyl-Reissue!
4. FIRST BLOOD - None So Blind
  Hairy, workin' man's Thrash-Metal. Sounds a bit like DEATHWISH or SNYPER but with more breaks so of course it's good shit.
5. ARBITRATER - Memories Of Yesterday
  Melodic Speed Metal, a tad more slick than the previous couple of contenders. Nice one, but the vocals are kinda flat.

Side B:
1. METAL MESSIAH - Honour Among Thieves
  Together with TREASON's mighty rare 12" the only band on here that later came to release a vinyl of their own. Tight & well-produced Thrash sounding like ATHROPY or a more polished DEATHWISH.
2. RESENTMENT - Violence Is Now
  More "talented" Thrash with lots of breaks & stuff a lá the Bay-Area lot.
3. WRECKAGE - Dogs Of War
  Wow! Out of nowhere we're bombarder with a pure gem of 1st class Heavy Metal. A ridiculously catchy Metal Anthem with Conklin-style vocals and fantastic leads. Someone dig up the dirt on these guys asap!
4. WARPSPEED - The Nothing Room
  A bloody annoying, screetchy guitar-tone and some whiney vocals totally ruins this already weird-paced tune.
5. PURGATORY - Warring Factions
  Dumb & redundant Anthrax-style thrash-light.
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