Asociación de Músicos de Hortaleza LP 1990
Label: Lady Alicia Records #: DLP-093 Country: Spain
Info: From the motherlabel of Avispa comes this comp of bands from the Madrid district of Hortaleza.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SEXAGRAMA - Te Has Vendido
  Wavy rock.
2. SEXAGRAMA - Meten En Un Saco
  Fast, jazzy/proggy rock.
3. LUCES NEGRAS - Buscandote
  Ample nwobhm'y Hard Rock with catchy riffing & harmonies, unfortunately of the severely overused kind.


  Much closer to greatness here! Really good riffmanship, vocals & twin leads - Melodic Metal with soul and no wimpery.

Side B:
1. IRIS - El Violador
  Your typical Baron Rojo-worshipping, Chapa Discos-type Heavy Rock. Tightly performed, competent stuff but not really my bag.
2. IRIS - El Trafico
  Less boogie, more melody but not of the sell-out, radio-friendly ilk. The better of their 2 contributions for sure.
3. FUERA DE LUGAR - No Estas Sola
  Mellow, upbeat hard rock with zero Metal-tendencies.
4. FUERA DE LUGAR - Entre Las Olas
  Soft rock.
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