A Rather Nasty Dream On Papplewick Pond LP 1989
Label: R.K.T. Records #: CMO 191 Country: England
Info: The first Metal record sleeve made by Dan Seagrave.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TALION - Killing The World
  Midpace Powerthrash not too different from Megadeth, yet with better vocals, obviously.
2. MASQUE - Confined Insanity
  One of UK's finest Power Metal acts represents. Different and slightly inferior to MLP version.
3. ATOMKRAFT - Demolition
  These Speed Metal stahlwarts ended better than they started. A UK Destructor?
  A dumb & unfunny crossoverthrash joke. The US bands in this genre were better.
5. DESECRATOR - The Suffering
  An intro ripped off from Dead Kennedys' "Holiday In Cambodia", then it's all downhill by way of generic Exodus-meets-Slayer Thrash.
6. FIRST BLOOD - The Circle
  A bit sloppy but great SpeedThrash sounding like a mix of early Nuclear Assault and chilean Pentagram. What's not to like?

Side B:
1. SNYPER - Manifestations
  UK's best unsigned Thrash band of the day. Dirty, original and with meaty chunks of classic Metal riffing served steaming cold.
  Quite good BayArea-influenced thrashings a la Death Angel, Forbidden etc..
3. MANIAC - Fade Away
  Snotty, punky Metal (Thrash?) with vocals of the very British sort. Like English Dogs right about when they crossed over. Better than expected.
4. WARFARE - Metal Anarchy
  Their homey Venom/Motörhead-speed sounds sort of bland after some of the other bands on here.
5. METAL DUCK - Duckulla Assault
  Easily mistaken for really cool DeathSpeed anno 1985, but we know better. See Lawnmower Deth.
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