Anthology Jesus Rock In Russia DLP 1994
Label: Мессия #: RGM 7133 Country: Russia
Info: Russian title: Антология Христианского Рока В России - Часть 1

This obscurity was compiled and released by a Russian-Orthodox youth organization, to promote christian rock music to an often sceptical Russian congregation and public. It includes recordings from 1989-1993 and comes in a gatefold sleeve with bios and pics. Here's an old home page made by the producers, including all bios, liner notes and info on the record (English-by-Google).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. Viktor Tret'jakov - Molitva
  Acoustic ballad.
2. TRETIJ RIM - Liki Svjatyh
  Soft rock ballad.
3. NOVY ZAVET - Deva Ljubvi
  Yes, it's our old friends NEW TESTAMENT, unfortunately represented by a soft & dull ballad taken straight off the otherwise really good "Exorcist" album.
4. MONOMAH - S Nami Nash Bog
  The great, anthemic opener from their eponymous debut LP.

Side B:
1. CARSKAJA OHOTA - Posmotri Na Nebo
  Soft rock.
2. Andrej Misin - Svecha I Mech
  Soft ballad.
  Power ballad from what sounds like a hard/prog rock band.
4. Ol'ga Aref'eva i KOVCHEG - Allilujja
  Nice folksy ballad.
5. LEGION - Ne Bojsja Vojti V Hram [ЛЕГИОН - Не Бойся Войти В Храм]
  The last song recorded by the original edition of the band, before they transformed into the prog-metal trainwreck responsible for the "Knights Of Cross" monstrosity. A very solid, pompous & pounding piece of Dio-worship.

Side C:
1. TUPYE - Gospodi, Prosti
  Dark & gloomy alterno/prog/goth oddity w/ fem vox.
2. ESLI - Deva Marija
  Another hard/prog/pomp ballad.
3. AKCENT - Golgofa [АКЦЕНТ - Голгофа]
  No relation to the Moscow, Kazakhstanian or Bulgarian bands w/ the same name, these guys were from the Russian town of Morshansk. Heavy, stomping yet melodic HM quite similar to the finest moments of Novy Zavet..
4. PILIGRIM - Den' Gneva [ПИЛИГРИМ - День Гнева]
  Not to be confused with any of the Russian acts bearing the same name, this is the Latvian band. More heavy excellence with raspy female vocals and an almost doomy crunch to it, once again reminding of Novy Zavet or maybe even more so of Dubl'1.

Side D:
1. Oleg Stepurko - Puskaj Tvoi Somknulis' Ochi
  Dark, slow rock ballad heavy on the church organ + added bluesy horns. Could almost have fitted in on a Paul Chain album.
  A great, epic and very Russian-sounding ballad.
3. Valerij Barinov i gruppa TRUBNYJ ZOV - Vy Ubili Ego
  Another ballad, belonging more in the alterno/electro niche.
4. Nikolaj Parfenjuk - Angel Moj
  More schmallad than ballad.

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