A Maiden Effort LP 1979
Label: Prime Records #: VR 21287 Country: Holland
Info: A Dutch oldie which doesn't tell us much of its origin. The usual fare of small-town hopefulls but with a little higher, general listenability than usual.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DANVIL - Hang Over
  Glammy rock like a lightweight The Sweet.
2. PANTY - Grizzly
  Pretty neat, homely Hard Rock/NWOHM with great drive. The harmony vocals does the trick.
3. EPIC FOREST - Better Be Aware
  Great band name and while not HM/HR it's definitely on the good side of melodic rock.
4. INNER SPACE - Marian
  Starting off kinda progsy, this melodic, moodfilled & folksy brand of Hard Rock should please any and all Ashbury-fans out there.
5. MORBIUS - Land Of Nowhere
  Similar delights, now in ballad form w/ fem vox.
6. SZMOTSZ - Lady Like
  Cute prog/wave with more female vocals.
7. BRAINWAVE - Cobweb Of Life
  Good semi-prog rock with tiny bells.

Side B:
1. FLIGHT - Red Luke
  Prog rock.
2. CONUS - Book Chicks
  Nice wave/funk/prog hybrid.
3. LENNOX - Ordinary People
  Rock w/ a 60's pop touch.
4. BLACK WIDOW - Dance The Night Away
5. ODESSA - Thimes Were There
  Amateur prog.
6. MUG SHOT - Always Running
  Rock ballad.
7. MADNAAZ - Ugly
  Groovy 70's rock.
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