Alsterett LP 1980
Label: Aktiv Ungdom #: ANTLP 8001 Country: Sweden
Info: I know that GAIN and the recording studio were from Örebro, so it's possible all artists were from this medium-size town in the middle of Sweden. Produced by the youth organization Aktiv Ungdom.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. STATION - Capri
  Funky soft rock.
2. STATION - Hjärtsvikt
  Classic rock.
3. STATION - Längtan
  As above.
4. GAIN - Du Och Jag
  Raw, amateur garage-HR approaching NWOHM-heaviness.
5. GAIN - On The Road
  Melodic yet still heavy Hard Rock very similar to Thin Lizzy.
6. GAIN - Spader Dam
  Proto-HM lodged inbetween Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy and UFO, with a 'Swedish Youth Centre '79' chorus. They released a couple of more soft & hairy 7"s in the mid-80s + one MCD in '93 under the LIFE LINE banner. According to The Heaviest Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Ever! this session was recorded already back in 1978(!)

Side B:
1. CEGA HÖ - Fonerier
  Uhm.. Flutes??
2. CEGA HÖ - Earl Of Salisbury
  Actually, I think they're called recorders.
3. CEGA HÖ - Tänze
  More flutey recorder-thingies..
4. CEGA HÖ - Polska Från Rättvik
  Raw Speed/Thrash like early Kreator or Necronomicon!
..no, kidding, even more flutes of course.
5. FAMNTAG - Can't Fight It
  Instrumental funk rock.
6. FAMNTAG - Det Har Mamma Sagt
  Woh! Raw punk rock that's pretty neat for what I guess is supposed to be a spoof.
7. FAMNTAG - Open Gate
  Back to jazzy instrumental fluff-rock.
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