96X Oklahoma Rocks LP 1981
Label: Nova #: BMC 80107 Country: USA
Info: There are a couple proto-metalish tracks on this Oklahoma City radio compilation, but the real draw here is the song by ASHBURY SOUTH. Part of the Big Music America Contest and as such comes with a ballot to vote for your favorite track.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ALLEN SPEARS - Boomerang
  Lame old time rock and roll.
2. TOE JAMB - Doin' The Best I Can
  Poorly produced southern acid rock.
3. JUST US - Easy
  Mellow "island" rock.
4. ASHBURY SOUTH - Fallen Star
  After the Davis brothers moved to Arizona to form ASHBURY, guitarist Paul Werner continued on in Oklahoma under the ASHBURY SOUTH name with another group of musicians. This incarnation was playing heavy rock with a pop sensibility sort of like BLUE OYSTER CULT meets VAN HALEN.

Side B:
1. PHOENIXX - Rock N' Roll Star
  Sounds like your typical classic rock radio hit.
2. THE NOWNS - Until The Night
  A cross between CHEAP TRICK and STYX, I guess you could call it powerpomp.
3. ZEABRA - Can't You Feel It
  Hard rock with an early WHITESNAKE vibe. I'm not sure if this is the version from their 1979 single or their 1981 Makin' Tracks LP, but let's assume it is one of those.
4. ROCKER - Rock & Roll Nite
  Heavy guitars dominate this otherwise inconsequential rock song.
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