60 Minute Plus Heavy Metal Compilation MC 1982
Label: Neat Records #: C2001 Country: England
Info: Cassette only promotional release which was later released on vinyl as All Hell Let Loose, but with 4 fewer tracks. Japan got a CD reissue in 1992 (Teichiku TECX-25390).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RAVEN - Live At The Inferno
  It's not actually live, but it is classic RAVEN from their Wiped Out LP.
2. STEEL - All Systems Go
  B-side to the excellent "Rock Out" single.
  Faster version of their 1980 single.
4. GOLDSMITH - Give Me Your Love
  The first track not found on All Hell Let Loose is a strong galloping number in the vein of singer/guitarist Pez's old band BITCHES SIN.
5. VALHALLA - Maybe Someday
  I may be one of the few people who actually like their singles, but even I think this is a throwaway ballad. Also not included on the All Hell Let Loose LP.
6. JAGUAR - Dirty Tricks
  While it doesn't hold a candle to "Axe Crazy", this track from the same recording session is a decent rocker.
7. AXIS - Flame Burns On
  Losing the keyboards and introducing a new singer makes this track less melodic but easily as good as their "Lady" single.
8. PERSIAN RISK - 50,000 Stallions
  They raised the JUDAS PRIEST influence on this one, a great heavy-yet-melodic number that would have fit well on their "Ridin' High" single.

Side B:
  A harmless boogieish number that does not appear on All Hell Let Loose.
2. VENOM - Bursting Out
  Different to the version on the "Die Hard" 12".
3. SABRE - Cry To The Wind
  Easily one of their best songs, this later appeared on the Roar To The Core compilation.
4. WHITE SPIRIT - Watch Out
  WHITE SPIRIT show a more commercial side of their RAINBOW worship.
5. WARRIOR - Kansas City
  Run-of-the-mill NWOBHM that sounds closer to the single version than the EP, but is different to both.
6. ALIEN - Absolute Zero
  This band was the highlight of the One Take No Dubs compilation and I can't understand why they didn't do more than that song and this one.
7. HELLANBACH - All The Way
  Slightly different to the LP version.
8. FIST - Lost And Found
  On the CD reissue, this is mistakenly replaced with "Throwing In The Towel" from the Lead Weight compilation. Though this is one of the tracks not included on All Hell Let Loose, you wouldn't be missing much by getting the CD since "Lost And Found" is taken straight from the Back With A Vengeance LP.
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