3 Points Of Metal LP 1984
Label: Jayrem Records #: JAY 313 Country: New Zealand
Info: This almost-a-split-LP was recorded live in June 1984 at the Ascot Theatre, Wellington. The sound quality is pretty nice for an indie label live comp.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. STRIKEMASTER - Intro/Johnny
  A great mix of influences where the riffing screams Maiden, while the vocals and verses sound very Thin Lizzy.
  A superb Riot-style early Metal rocker with some great NWOBHM-like riffing.
3. STRIKEMASTER - Better Ways
  Cue the token Rock'n'Roll song..
4. TOKYO - Tough Road
  Heavy HR standard with a NWOBHM'y TOPT/Holocaust groove.

Side B:
1. KNIGHTSHADE - Pay The Price
  Good, rocking J.Priest Hard Rock with an ounce of Lizzy'ish melancholy.
2. KNIGHTSHADE - Free Love
  It might just be the vocals that remind me of Jersey-Legend, but this tune also share the brits' energy.
3. KNIGHTSHADE - Reach For Da Sky
  A bit more laid back, almost folksy number, like a slow Bleak House meets a heavy Horselips.
4. KNIGHTSHADE - Livin' A Life
  Quite an anonymous closer, reminding of Saxon's lesser material from the wrong half of the 80's, but all in all these songs trump most of the band's later material.
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