1984 Rock: Sully S/Loire LP 1984
Label: F.L.V.M. #: FLVM 3050 Country: France
Info: Recorded live at the Sully Sur Loire Rock Festival on April 7th and 8th, 1984.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. AFTER HEAVEN - Petite Fille
  Indie rock that is dark but not exactly goth.
2. QUASARDS - Explosion
  Hard rock instrumental with prominent bass and some nice twin leads.
3. FURIA - Lookin' Back
  Fairly generic NWOBHM sound until the chorus which has a heavy SCORPIONS feel, much like their excellent "Lady Killer" single.
4. DUM DUM BULLET - Get Down
  MOTORHEAD/VENOM worship that drags on for 7 minutes.
5. PANIK - Les Troubadours Du Chaos
  Live version of a track from their 1983 LP. Punk with some goth and metal influences.

Side B:
1. SOLIDE BOLIDE - Fun Rolls
2. PHIL TRIP - Le Chanteur De Rock
  Rock and roll.
  Rather odd new wave, like an angry TALKING HEADS.
4. SUNSET BOULEVARD - La Fureur De Vivre
  Hard AOR with bari sax that surprisingly isn't annoying.
5. ALARME - Gone
  Distorted glam/punk with a really long heavy metal guitar solo.
6. LES DÉSAXÉS - Terrains Vagues
7. DOC - Un Riff De Blues
  Blues. Duh.
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