12 Commandments In Metal LP 1985
Label: Roadrunner #: RR-9799 Country: Holland
Info: Presented/compiled/sponsored by Aardschok Magazine.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BITCHES SIN - Ain't Life A Bitch
  One of the best songs ever from this great, underrated NWOBHM-act.
2. HELLION - Run For Your Life
  Different from "Postcards From The Asylum" MLP version.
3. WARHEAD - Whore
  A little demo-only, US Metal treasure. This song was also featured on the New York Metal-84 comp the year before.
4. TOKYO BLADE - Fever
  A powerful NWOBHM-hit from their old days of non-suckery.
  Their novelty, 1:31-burst-of noise "Venom"-song.
6. EARTHSHAKER - More (live)
  Hard Rock.

Side B:
1. SLAYER - The Antichrist (live)
2. WEAPON - Set The Stage Alight
  Superb, forgotten NWOBHM-masters. Outrageously catchy tune!
3. ANTHRAX - Soldiers Of Metal
  Some kind of Speed Metal.
4. VENOM - Voyeur
  From the "Possessed" album = the beginning of the end :(
5. SATAN - Oppression
  Oldest, heaviest and best song on the album. No comments necessary. Other than that this very same version was also featured on the Roxcalibur comp from '82.
6. OMEN - Torture Me
  Great rare cut from a classic band though not a classic by far. Also on Metal Massacre V.
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